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Prevention measures for Covid-19

Last update: 8/5/2021

Dear guests,

We hope that our message finds you all well and healthy, with new dreams and plans to travel and create beautiful memories.

As we go through another year in which the spread of COVID – 19 continues, but also the vaccinations are carried out rapidly, all of us in Hotel Goulielmos continue to struggle for the health and safety of our visitors, employees and associates.

As we fully comply with all the Hygiene Protocols “Health First” of the Greek Government and the instructions of the World Health Organization, we are totally ready to offer you for one more season the hospitality that you deserve.

We would like to inform you that our Hotel will welcome you again as from the 20th of May 2021, while our Reservation Department continues to respond to all of your requests that daily increase together with your dreams to visit the spectacular Santorini.

As we continuously strive to offer you all the necessary information about the Hotel’s covid-19 policy, we have created this page as well as a Health and Safety team with specially trained staff, which is at your disposal at the e-mail hotelgoulielmos@gmail.com.

We would like to thank you very much for your trust. We are sure that we will meet all of your requirements!

Best wishes,

Maria Alefragki

General Management of Goulielmos Hotel



According to the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Greek Government, our hotel provides all the staff members with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All the members of our team conduct a covid-19 self-test twice a week and inform the General Management about the negative or positive result.

In addition, we have placed disinfectants in all public areas of the hotel, in order to be constantly used by the staff members and our guests.

In order to reduce overcrowding at the Reception area, we provide our guests with our new service “Self Check-in” before their arrival and we suggest them to use the contactless payment methods.

You may now enjoy our breakfast a la carte in a specially decorated area with all the necessary safety distances or in your room at the time of your choice.

We have prepared for you a new, private EDGE in the heart of caldera, called “Just Caldera”, where you may enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner upon request. We decided to also extend our Restaurant-Bar serving hours in order for all our guests to have the chance and the time flexibility to enjoy this unique private EDGE.


As we are fully aware of the importance of hygiene and safety of the rooms, for one more year we achieve the daily disinfection of them with dry steam and we make sure that they remain empty for several hours before the new arrival, in order to be better ventilated.


Our hotel complies with all the food safety guidelines of HACCP standards.


We comply with all the strict regulations about water cleaning and maintain the appropriate chlorination level. We make sure that overcrowding is avoided inside the pool and we have adjusted the pool area decoration in order to achieve both social distancing and relaxation of our guests.



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  • Complimentary Special Welcome Gift

  • Free of charge early check in or/and late check out upon availability




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The end of season 2021 finds us full of good memories, new friends and the need to recharge our batteries for next year‼️Just a small break for us to relax and prepare new surprises for 2022! May you all have a wonderful winter! ☃️☂️❄




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A great day in October! 👙🕶🌞
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Breakfast! ♥ The most important meal to start your day! ☕️ Good morning from Santorini! 🙂🙂🙂
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