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Wedding Ceremonies in Santorini

Evocatively imagine yourself at your own Santorini, Greek islands wedding, overlooking one of the most awe-inspiring views on this planet, radiating in the rose and ambered hues of the most sublime Aegean sunset. Imagine saying “I do” to your adored, loved one at your wedding Goulielmos Hotel in Santorini, against the backdrop of slow moving ripples of the crystal azure waters of the Aegean.

Weddings of fairy tales in Santorini

Goulielmos Hotel Weddings in Santorini specialize in making your dream wedding and wedding ceremony in Santorini, a most conceivable of realities in the most idyllic and elegant of settings.

Goulielmos Hotel in Santorini Wedding Planners

Goulielmos Hotel weddings in Santorini are all about providing flawless, detail oriented Santorini wedding planners and services.

What truly amounts to an unforgettable, dreamy Greek islands wedding, our Santorini wedding services can provide. Our Santorini wedding planners can arrange everything down to the very last detail, from planning, decoration, flower arrangements, guest transportation to opulent catering, all with the distinctive quality of Goulielmos Hotel.

Providing bespoke, personalized service at its utmost, we can arrange everything for your Santorini wedding according to your wishes. All of our wedding ceremonies in Santorini take place in a specially-designed area with starry eyed and amorous connotations: on a fantastical, dream like gazebo offering stupendous views of the Aegean Sea and the sunset.


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